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What do we do with customer info

About Visitor Personal Info

Since our customers mostly transact with us via the internet, we try to overcome the limitations of this inherently non-personal contact. To this extend we realize that credibility is any online venture's single most valuable asset.  So we pledge to respect your personal information and hold it in confidence.

We also must protect our visitors as well as our business from fraud or exploitation.  To this end, we try to employ to the fullest extend the means this technology can offer to keep visitor personal information safe while enforcing a proper ettiquete.

Our site keeps certain information about visitors for the purpose of making it easy to conduct transactions and for alerting us about how we can make it more user friendly and serve you better.

Visitors who are simply browsing are only tracked for aggregate demographics. We know the IP address where you are connecting from and  we only keep aggregate statistics but no personal information about browsing visitors.

Visitors who wish to conduct transactions must create an account consisting of name, postal address, email, and phone numbers. This information is entered on a secure server environment (SSL) which encrypts the information that you are sending from your computer to our server.  The SSL is the industry's standard means for conducting secure transactions. This information serves to simplify the transaction process since a visitor can recall his/her information on subsequent transactions without need to re-enter it every time.

Payments for transactions can be made via money order, by faxing to us credit card information, or by sending credit card information through the secure server (SSL). Of all these options, the third options is the only case where credit card info goes through our server (via secure SSL of course). In this case, credit card information is automatically checked for clearance through the banking system. Our server passes via SSL this info to a clearing center and we receive back authorization to complete the transaction. The clearing center we use is one of the largest such centers in the internet commerce, it is tried, and is no cheap solution for us. Once your credit card info is processed it is purged from the server.  This means that our server does not keep your credit card info. So even if someone could circumvent the safeguards for access, he/she would not find credit card info. This is why even if you are a returning customer you would be asked for your credit card number every time you would like to make a transaction. Returning customers can recall their billing, shipping, and contact info, but credit card info must be entered again.

Other than the personal information you provide, when you place a transaction we log your IP address and the time of the transaction. This is to prevent fraud by being able if needed to track who was using the particular computer originating the transaction at the time of the transaction.

What we do with the information we log

We use such information only as necessary to conduct and clear the transactions. We also use statistics on it to guide the site development so as to make it user friendly and to understand our visitors needs so as to serve them better. We do NOT sell visitor personal information to third parties nor do we share it.

If you have any concerns that we have not addressed here, feel free to contact us:


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